João Brasil, our favourite Brasilian mashup-maestro and pop wizzard is back with a new single ft. Tecno Brega queen Gaby Amarantos, called “Garafa De Licor” (“Bottle Of Liquor”). We asked João what he has been up to lately.

Hi João, that new track with Gaby is big! How did you meet her?

I know Gaby for a long time, since the time I produced her version of “Águas de Março” and released it on Man Recordings. I first met her at a party in Belém where the party crew asked me if a tecnobrega singer could enjoy me at my performance, of course I said yes and that singer was Gaby, it was magical. Nowadays she is the most well known contemporary singer from Pará (her state) in Brazil.

For all our readers that don´t speak Portuguese, what is “Garrafa De Licor” about?

“Garrafa de Licor” means “Liqueur Bottle”. It’s about a sexy romantic night of a couple where the woman is in liqueur.

How is the Brega scene doing these days? Three years ago it was all the rage in Brazil, did it remain a regional phenomenon in Parrá or did cross over to a nationwide fashion?

I guess Tecno Brega is not strong around Brazil in the way it was 3 years ago, that period in time when it crossed over to a nationwide fashion and Gaby was the major figure for that. But the style still very strong at the north of Brazil.

The lyric video is also amazing, who did it and what was the idea behind it?

Hardcuore, the same crew that made my L.O.V.E. Banana video, did it this time. The idea was to make a lyric video that looks different, we made a well produced lyric video at real a drink station in Lapa, a very tradicional place in Rio where every kind of people meet, it is a cultural mashup, like the idea of the music.Two years ago you released the really great Rio Shock project, can we expect some new tracks from it as well?

Yes. I’m glad you liked it. We are planning to do a new album next year.