• Daniel Haaksman - Sabado ft. Bulldozer, out now!

    Daniel Haaksman is back with a new single and it´s called "Sabado". It´s a laid back uptempo track that puts the listener to an imaginary car park party on an African city beach front. It features the mighty guitar licks of Colombia´s Bulldozer, but has an allover South-African feel to it. Yes, Paul Simon´s "Graceland" is an influence here, but also all the hot new house track that comes out... more

  • Daniel Haaksman "Sabado" ft. Bulldozer video out now!

    Brand new video for Daniel Haaksman´s upcoming single "Sabado" ft. Bulldozer. Out March 3rd on Man Recordings!

  • PAK MAN - out today!

    Bang! Out today is the magnificent "PAK MAN" release, a collaboration EP between Mixpak from New York and Man Recordings from Berlin. The Ep features half of the Balada roster, including co-ops between So Shifty + Milangeles, Poirer + Douster, Daniel Haaksman + Dre Skull, Schlachthofbronx + Jubilee and Murlo + Wildlife!. Listen to the release here and get it from all major shops!


  • João Brasil Remix Friday

    João Brasil can´t be stopped. First, his Rio Shock project becomes the biggest dance music sensation in Brazil. And now he kicked off Remix Friday on his Soundcloud page. Following his much acclaimed “365″ mashup project of 2012 where he released one mash up per day, João now releases a free remix every Friday. Recent remixes included João Brasil interpretations of Daft Punk, Chet Faker, MC... more

  • 10 Year Anniversary Favela Booty Beats

    2014 marks the ten year anniversary of Daniel Haaksman´s compilation “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats” which was originally released on CD (and limited edition 12″ vinyl) on Essay Recordings in August 2004 (Cat Nr. Ay 04).

    When released, “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats” was the first compilation to introduce the mad beats from Rio´s hillside slums, the favelas, to a global audience... more

  • So Shifty - Summer Cyan Done

    Hold on, summer´s not over yet. Especially when you´re listening to the hot hot dancehall afropop soca mix by Hamburg bass dons So Shifty. Remember: Don faget to put up dat suntan lotian!

  • Luso FM #74 of Aug 2nd.

    #74 in Daniel Haaksman´s weekly radio show on Funkhaus Europa presents new Favela Trap, Rasteira, Brazilian Indietronics and Neo Carimbó.

  • João Brasil - Swag do cor

    Our super pop boss João Brasil delivers another amazing tropical tune which makes you ask: How much styles can this man blend into one track? The answer is: João just brings in the best of everything. For “Swag Da Cor”, a dedication to axé star Daniela Mercury, he boils up axé, rasterinha, space-pop chords and a Jazzy B inspired dance beat that makes you immediately dream of Bahia. If that all... more

  • Balada Booking Now Online!

    We´re happy to kick off our agency today and created this small video to promote our artists. Booking requests are welcomed as of now!