João Brasil


    João Brasil, our favourite Brasilian mashup-maestro and pop wizzard is back with a new single ft. Tecno Brega queen Gaby Amarantos, called “Garafa De Licor” (“Bottle Of Liquor”). We asked João what he has been up to lately.

    Hi João, that new track with Gaby is big! How did you... more

  • 10 Years Of Man Recordings

    Ten years in the world of dance music is like a century in real life. Dancefloor trends come and go in fast pace and so do record labels, especially in times of social media platforms such as Soundcloud through which artists can build world careers without having a record deal. Nevertheless,... more

  • João Brasil Remix Friday

    João Brasil can´t be stopped. First, his Rio Shock project becomes the biggest dance music sensation in Brazil. And now he kicked off Remix Friday on his Soundcloud page. Following his much acclaimed “365″ mashup project of 2012 where he released one mash up per day, João now releases a free... more